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COST meeting

Pisa, Palazzo dei Congressi, 
February 24-26, 2000

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The deadline for poster abstracts has expired: 
no more abstracts will be accepted

During the meeting of each working group time will be available for a total of about four oral presentations. Abstracts for talks should have been submitted via the interactive form at the time of registration, and, in any case, before the deadline of December 15th, 1999. 

Abstracts for the poster session should also be submitted upon registration and before the final extended deadline of January 29th, 2000. The maximum poster height is 1.3 m and the maximum poster width is 0.9 m. A shotgun presentation of the posters will be held before the poster session: the contents of each poster will be presented with one transparency, in one minute. 

During the last meeting of the Steering Committee, in Duisburg, it was agreed that each of the projects ending next December will present at least one poster detailing the major results. 

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the working group leaders and by their deputies, who will prepare the program for the working group meetings that will be posted on this WEB site.