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COST meeting

Pisa, Palazzo dei Congressi, 
February 24-26, 2000

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An interactive map is available, with an indication of the workshop venue (marked "Conference Center," in the lower right) and of the downtown hotels, as listed in the 1999 Tourist Office brochure, from which the map is also taken. An approximate scale ruler has been added at the top right, to allow an estimation of distances. Problems have been reported accessing the interactive map with some versions of Internet Explorer, please use Netscape instead. 

If the cursor is positioned on one of the hotels, its name and rating will be displayed in the box at the botton of the browser window. By clicking on a hotel, all the available information is displayed. Rates have, for the most part, been obtained directly from the hotels and should be valid for February 2000. In a few cases we have been unable to collect the information, and prices for 1999 have been listed. 

We do not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of this information, which is provided solely for the convenience of  workshop participants. Please contact the hotels directly for official rate quotes and for reservations. 

A full-resolution city map is also available for download.