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COST meeting

Pisa, Palazzo dei Congressi, 
February 24-26, 2000

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The fifth MEL-ARI/NID Workshop and COST meeting will take place in Pisa, Italy, from February 24 to February 26, 2000. The workshop will gather participants in the projects funded within MEL-ARI and in the new NID pro-active initiative. Presentations from the projects and invited talks from experts outside the MEL-ARI/NID initiative will focus on the application of a broad range of nano-scale technologies to information processing and on the perspectives for replacing mainstream approaches, such as CMOS, when they will reach the expected physical limits for miniaturization. Previous workshops have been held in Lille (February 1998), Cambridge (July 1998), Marseille (February 1999), Duisburg (July 1999). For the first time, the workshop will also host the meeting of the working group on spin-injection into semiconductors of the COST action on Mesoscopic Electronics.

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